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This is an upgraded version of the Image Gallery Template. Because of that, I suggest you understand that first before trying to understand this.


  • I deleted the existing gallery album and created multiple galleries: gallery_a, gallery_b, gallery_c, and gallery.
  • I added a gallery_navigation.rpy which is used to view other galleries.
  • The script.rpy has options to unlock the CG/image's conditions.
  • screens.rpy' ShowMenu("gallery") is now ShowMenu("gallery_a")

You can watch the tutorial in this video:

For more detailed video about gallery, watch this:



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hi zeil! ive been following your tutorials along with my partner to make a game for our thesis and theyve all been super helpful<3 just wanted to come here and ask if its possible to show a line of text when someone presses a photo in the gallery? we wanted to put fun facts under a photo since our game is sort of introducing an educational topic. thank you!!

you can contact me on discord as well: @worrbs

Very nice tutorial but how can I make the gallery to require an unlock code?

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Thank you! Do you mean persistence? If so, you can see it here: Blue_button

I want to lock the whole gallery and only allow people with a code (a word or numbers) to unlock it and gain access to the images.

That's a good game idea!

  1. You'll need an input window: Input Video
  2. You'll check for the code. Let's say you keep your variable as povname where 12345 is the passcode.
if povname == "12345":
    $ persistent.blue_unlocked = True

3. You need lines 7-9 of this video: Blue_button

If you have any other questions, you may contact me on Discord: _zeil


Thanks for the help :)

how should you go about putting variations of the same CG under a single gallery button?

thank you for this btw


Hello~ You're welcome. I think you're looking for this: 



ah i didn't notice there was a vid, thank you very much!

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hey i used it but i have error "Grid not completly full" can you help me plz ?

(can aswer here or in discord @Sugna#5382

most likely you do not have enough images to fill the grid up (the grid uses a 4x4 which means 16 images, you might have added less)

You can try adding this variable to your Renpy script:

define config.allow_underfull_grids = True

Thanks for this template :D

Glad to help!

Gosh, It's you Zeli! I knew it